About Morocco


About Morocco knows how to captivate its travelers with the magic of the Orient

In the morning, when the muezzin calls for the prayer, the exotic world of the Orient with its busy life and its historical credentials captures the visitor. On the other hand the silence of the dunes will take you far away from all the hassle of our modern world…


The different landscapes of a colorful country

The royal cities such as Fez, Meknes, Rabat and Marrakech with their nostalgic Souks and Medinas, are the centres of Islamic art and culture. In the south of Morocco, between Ouarzazate and Tinerhir, the route is lined with dozens of Kasbahs and ancient loam castles, originally built by martial Berber tribes. The landscape is not less spectacular: Snow-covered ranges with over 4000m by height, cedar forests, green oasis with date palm trees at mountain-rivers and the Sahara with storybook-like dunes. In contrast the view of the Moroccan coast is different: The Mediterranean coast is mountainous with lone coves. At the Atlantic coast you can find quiete wide beaches, intermitted by harbour cities painted in white. Morocco is a fascinating mix of beauty and strangeness.


The treasures of Morocco

But Morocco is more than just this scenery. The real treasure of Morocco is the people. If you really want to get to know them, you will be given a large present in return. To be able to really engage with the people you need knowledge of their lifestyle, the historical, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. Most of what you can experience in Morocco will throw your convictions over board. Values and customs will be questioned, habits and routines swept away by a surprise coup. Whoever wants to endorse this passage should open his eyes and ears and be free of stereotypes and prejudices. Lead by the heart you will be able to understand the sometimes “wondrous” behaviour of the Moroccans.