Cultural events and festivals in Morocco


Beside the festivals in Morocco depending on local conditions (harvests) or on the moon calendar – where Moroccans celebrate their arts and popular traditions as Fantasias, processions, dances and singing in traditional costumes – many international music, art and spiritual festivals are held.

Find below a list of the most important festivals and cultural events in the country – we can organize a trip for you for each festival.

Almond bloom celebration

In February the Ammeln celebrate the bloom of the almond trees at Tafraout. This celebration is supposed to bring a good harvest.

International Festival of Nomads

The festival of Nomads takes place in M’hamid in March and November. During the days there will be round tables, conferences and workshops regarding the regional heritage. In addition you’ll find music and dance events of the nomadic Berber culture as well as camel racing in the desert.

International World Music Festival in Merzouga

In the month of April recently there is an international Festival of World Music in Merzouga. These days are under the designation of meeting between the occidental culture and ancestral Saharan traditions. Music and dance events take place as well as handicraft exhibitions in cross-cultural exchange face-to-face with the unique dunes landscape.

Rose Moussem

At the end of May after the rose harvest a colourful folklore celebration takes place at El-Kaala N’Gouma center.

Moussem of Cheikh Sidi Mohammed Laghdaf

In late May and early June, the Moussem of the Holy Laghdaf Cheikh Sidi Mohammed brings together more than 30 Saharan tribes in Tan-Tan. Visitors have the unique opportunity to watch the proud sons of the desert.

Festival of spiritual music

This festival takes place in May/June at Fez documenting King Hassan’s II policy of tolerant Islam. Choirs, orchestras, groups of dances and soloists from all over the world – all of them supporters of the Islam, Judaism or Christianity –  enliven the Andalusian Gardens at the Palace of Batha at Fez-El-Bali and the Place Bab Makina at Fez-El-Jedid.

International Festival of Culture at Asilah

In august the annual international culture festival of Asilah, founded in 1978, attracts a large attendance in the domestic and foreign countries. In the 80ies it expanded with a lot of different events and developed into an important institution, where writers from Arabic and African countries meet. Since 1989 every other year the Tchicaya-U-Tam’si Prize for African Poetry is awarded. Meantime most of the authors consider Asilah as the capital of the African and Arabic writers guild.

Festival Mawazine – Rhythms of the World

In May in Rabat. The Mawazine World Rhythms Festival is a preeminent must-see for both home and world musicians. It promises to be vivid and varied with a unique and rich cast that celebrates music and art from around the world.


at Tanger in September

Moussem of Moulay Abdallah

In August the fisher village Moulay Abdállah in the south of El Jadida is the setting of one of the most magnificent Moussems of Morocco. Vivid horse-riding games, Fantasias, where horsemen show their amazing skills are the highlight of the pilgrimage to the Zaouia of the saint.

Marriage-Moussem of the Aït Haddidou

Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the 2nd/3rd week of September in Imilchil thousands of pilgrims meet for the feast of the year at the grave of the tribe’s saint. For Moroccans the journey to Imilchil is a pilgrimage. This feast is considered equal to a marriage market of the young Aït Hadidou.

Folklore-Festival of Marrakech

This festival takes place mostly in June. At the big folk festival the inhabitants of all regions of Morocco participate with their traditional colourful costumes.

Gnaouwa-Festival in Essaouira

The Gnaouwa-Festival in Essaouira attracts visitors from all over the world. It takes place mid-June at the fairground outside the Bab Sbaa. At that time Essaouira has a different face altogether – the whole city is in Gnaouwa-fever. Hotels are fully booked for months in advance.