“Morocco is a country which reveals its essence only to those who take the time to draw water and to pour a pot of tea.”

This proverb will accompany your individual and private travel to the genuine and authentic Morocco – with the service of ethnoTOURS Morocco.

We will bring you in touch with the people of the country and we are glad that you can experience their warmth and hospitality. We give great importance to immersing deeply in the culture of the Berbers and nomads of the country in order to provide insights into other traditions and values.

We  pick you up at your destination and with us you can dive into a another world. Let yourself be taken care of and experience your individual travel to Morocco as an unforgettable event – go on your journey with Berber Tours! Your individual travel to Morocco with Berber Tours enables you to experience unforgettable moments in a strange and fascinating culture.

Individual travels in Morocco according to your own standards

You can follow our travel recommendations or modify them on your own account, combine them or add something to it – we will organize all necessary arrangements according to your wishes and budget. In case you are already travelling in the country and feel the sudden urge for a certain tour, a transfer or a special location – just call us or send an eMail. Within a short time we will be all set up.